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4 ways to Land a jump in parkour


A safe landing assist in reducing the damage and tear on joints related to jumping and vaulting systematically. Landings while not rolling square measure solely suggested on smaller drops. Once you begin to feature momentum and height into the equation it becomes necessary to roll.


You might suppose landing is fairly obvious. However, like every elementary
movement employed in Parkour, landings square measure a vital technique that require wakeful observe associated an examination of technique, so as to be each safe and effective.
parkour landingA focus on the location of the feet on the bottom is very important. You aim to land on the ball of the foot down (between the toes and also the arch of the foot). Not the toes, not the heels, and no flat feet.

From the ball of the foot being placed down, the heels will descend towards the bottom. betting on the impact you’retaking through the feet, this might or might not be necessary (a drop, for instance, would be a decent time to roll the heel down, as hostile landing from a vault while not a big drop subsequently, wherever it’s going to not be quite as important).There is no strict rule concerning this; it’s associate awareness you have got to make at intervals yourself over time.
freerunning landingAnother purpose for thought is bending within the knees. As a general rule, the knees ought to ne’er bend to associate angle but ninety degrees, presumptuous straight legs square measure a hundred and eighty degrees.
landThis is as a result of at such associate angle, an excellent quantity of cut force is placed on the engagingly joint, which might cause injury over time.

This does, however, rely on the movement concerned. for instance, once performing arts a roll, your knees can naturally travel past the angle of the foot. however your body are going to be at such associate angle that the forces upon the knee don’t seem to be such a lot live. you can not perform a roll while not the knees going past the toes.
basic landingWhen mistreatment hands in a very landing remember of not mistreatment them to soak up massive amounts of shock, they’re for steering for the foremost half.

When landing with exactness (upon a skinny wall, for example), an excellent quantity of management is needed. This takes time to develop.

If you’re progressing to stop on the item in question while not falling forward you will ought to sink down through your feet. rather than belongings your weight carry you forward. If you retain your center of balance high, it’s way more troublesome to manage any momentum carried over from the jump, than it’s if you sink down, bending the knees.

With regards to the ninety degree rule, you’ll notice several differing opinions on whether or not it’s correct or not. we have a tendency to square measure providing one here. you’re inspired to try and do your own analysis and are available to your own conclusions relating to what you’ll selected to try and do within the finish.


Adding height and speed. you’ll notice as you add these components to the landings you’ll ought to roll to soak up the shock.


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