Jason Paul Catch His Flight In ‘Last Call For Mr. Paul’

best ever parkour

jason paul parkour

We’ve all old it; that sinking wherever you can’t shake the thought that you’re positively progressing to miss your flight. It’s absolutely the worst, and may ruin Associate in Nursing journey before it’s even begun (especially if you are doing truly miss the flight).

Of course, if you’re a freerunning / parkour extraordinaire like mythical being Paul the probabilities of missing your flight square measure massively reduced. Having the flexibility to maneuver with nice speed and elegance from purpose A to purpose B, it seems, means notwithstanding this guy hears the last boarding decision whereas still at the arrival desk…he’s still progressing to realize the simplest way to air that plane. By any suggests that necessary.

This video, that’s been brought kicking and screaming into the globe by Red Bull, may be a beating viewing expertise. And even supposing you recognize it’s all make-belief, which JP’s not truly progressing to miss his flight, it’s still genuinely thrilling to check the means he navigates the field and negotiates its varied obstacles. Yeah, we’re not sitting on this fence with this vid. It’s a bonafide banger. build no mistake.


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