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Running usually makes up the bulk of your movement in Parkour. once obtaining from one place to a different, you employ numerous movements (vaulting, climbing, rolling, etc), however in between all of that you just are running.
Considering this, it’s an honest plan to think about the method you run and decide to create it as effective as doable, as unhealthy technique will cause long lasting harm.


most significantly once running, you ought to be touching the bottom on the balls of your feet or mid-foot (between your toes and therefore the arch of your foot). this implies no heel striking!running2

If you’re resolute heel hanging and believe it’s the ‘correct’ or ‘natural’ thanks to run, do this experiment:
Take off your shoes, and run barefoot for a trifle whereas. fifty meters can do.
It is extremely unlikely that by the tip of it, you’re touching your heel to the bottom 1st. It hurts. Your body absorbs the impact by passing the shock of landing through the ball of the foot, the arch, then the articulation plans and muscles of the leg. once landing on your heel, your body can’t do that, and therefore the shock gets taken additional within the joints than the muscles. Over time this may probably result in injury.


It is necessary to develop the power to strike animal foot 1st properly. once running with a animal foot hanging technique it’s necessary to not land with the heel inches higher than the bottom.

When the foot lands on the ball of the foot you are doing not need the heel to be any further than an in. from the bottom, with the foot rolling from ball to heel, that the heel contacts the bottom after you ar running over longer distances.

bear in mind of the foot rolling from facet to facet once running, you ought to aim to land with the foot sq. to the bottom, avoid landing on the within or outside of the foot and rolling.
runWhen running try to be as silent as doable, noise may be a smart indication that you just do harm to the joints. By specializing in keeping out landings silent you employ your muscles additional effectively to soak up impact, instead of mistreatment the bone structure, that damages joints
Use of the arms – the speed and power at that you swing your arms contains a direct relevance the facility from your legs and therefore the overall speed at that you run. The arms don’t seem to be merely there for balance, however to assist propel you forward.

Unless you have got skilled coaching job, running is way like several alternative ability for Parkour. It involves lots of experimentation, trial and error on your half. Play with it; notice ways in which to run as quick as doable (sprinting), and conjointly the way to well run long periods while not changing into out of breath, and while not mistreat excessive amount of energy.


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