Passement – Dash vault parkour Technique


Dash vault parkour Technique


To overcome obstacles that you just approach at an angle.


The base Dash vault technique is that the same as a right away or straight assessment. Vault by kicking up the surface leg and tucking the within leg. The distinction once going to this vault is that you just swap your hands as you jump over the obstacle. If vaulting from the proper aspect of the body, your right at first makes contact with the obstacle and changes to your left as you jump over it.

In this example we have a tendency to area unit vaulting to the proper. modification directions to suit if returning from
the left.

lazy valutThe advantage of kicking up the surface leg as hostile the within leg for this vault
is greater management. The hips find yourself inform within the direction you want to travel, instead of the other direction of your mechanical phenomenon. you’ll guide your body’s direction along with your hips, therefore having them inform in your direction of travel is useful.
parkour valutAs you approach the obstacle jump from the proper foot, kick the left add together and across the obstacle, reach for the highest of the obstacle with the proper hand.

As you begin to urge up and over the obstacle tuck the proper leg beneath the body to avoid it clipping the obstacle.
lazy freerunning valutAs you jump over the obstacle you would like to level the hips out. Bring the backside parallel to the bottom, as you are doing this the hand can naturally drop on to the obstacle, permitting you to regulate your exit on the opposite aspect.

If you’re not feeling assured with the hand change, place the surface leg on the obstacle to support yourself. As you gain confidence avoid victimization the foot for balance.
As you exit the obstacle land on one leg and run out of the vault.Many people have a natural tendency to kick up the within leg instead of the surface
leg once trying this vault. this can be not ‘incorrect’, however through experimentation we’ve got found the surface leg technique to permit a lot of management and height to be gained from the vault within the future. attempt to learn each as they’ll each be applied in numerous things.


Adding height and speed to the vault. attempting the vault on totally different surfaces; slippery and rough. Vault rails.



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