Precision Jump parkour Technique

Precision Jump parkour Technique | Parkour Freerunning

Parkour Jumping


Parkour jumping from one purpose to a different safely.


Precision jumps square measure standing jumps from a stationary position accustomed ‘jump from’ and ‘jump to’ a finite purpose with management and balance.
jump1Start with feet along on the sting of your start up purpose.As you prepare to leap, you bring yourself own to a semi crouch.
jump2Your arms move behind you and your weight is shifted to the balls of the feet.Lean forward as you begin to drive explosively with the legs. The degree to that you’ll lean forward are determined by the length of the jump, the bigger the space the bigger the lean can have to be compelled to be.
jump3As you jump throw your arms forwards and upwards.

once exploitation the arms bear in mind of wherever the energy from the feet goes.

The energy ought to travel up the legs, through the body and into the hands.

many of us stop the energy at their shoulders. This reduces the space that you just will jump!
jump5make certain you throw your hands up and permit the energy from the jump to travel upwards. Otherwise the space you’ll be able to jump is reduced.

You don’t wish to be jumping straight at the item. Instead commit to arc up and so come back down on to the landing space. This helps management the landing. By doing this the energy from your landing is directed into the item instead of across it. once the energy is directed across the highest of the item the chance of a mistake is greatly enhanced.
jump6After your feet have left the start up purpose bring the heels to the backside.From {that purpose|that time} bring the knees forward and push the feet towards the landing point.

Some folks have the habit of keeping their legs straight once they jump, this reduces the space and management you’ve got. strive to not jump with straight or stiff legs.
jump7Mastering the power to maneuver the legs dynamically through the jump can increase management and jump distance.

Maintain balance as you inherit land. keep in mind attempt to land on the target, don’t jump therefore the energy travels across it.
jump9As you create contact with the destination you would like to land on the balls of your feet, the rationale for this being that if you happen to slide across the landing surface you’ll be able to drop your heel and avoid additional slippage and doable falls.

Landing as incontestable within the iron opposite will increase the possibilities of Associate in Nursing accident.

Make sure landings square measure quiet, as this demonstrates management. It conjointly ensures that the shock is being absorbed through the muscles, instead of inserting undue strain on the joints.

When coaching to leap onto a better landing purpose think about your shins! many of us positive of their talent shave scraped off skin from the shins as a result of they couldn’t quite build the distance!


• begin on objects terribly low to the bottom thus if you fall the risks square measure minimized.
• Vary surfaces whether or not through grip, shape, width, landing space, etc.
• Vary distances and heights, follow jumping up onto obstacles and down onto them.
• Vary angles; the item you’re jumping onto doesn’t forever have to be compelled to be directly before or parallel.
• begin running jumps. listen to landings as you won’t forever have to be compelled to land on the sting of the obstacle currently.


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