The 3 winning runs from Red Bull Art Of Motion

3 winning

Red Bull Art Of Motion 2017 winner

Alexander Titarenko won Red Bull Art Of Motion 2017. fancy his winning run moreover because the best runs of the athletes UN agency completed stage

Alexander Titarenko

The Ukrainian outsider overcame the chances to defeat a high-quality free running field with a brand new in comparable Red Bull Art Of Motion high score of 415 points. ”I go away simply hoping to form it through the Onsite Qualifier and suddenly the complete world was congratulating American state on this year’s conclusion,” aforementioned Titarenko.

Nate Weston

The yankee free runner took the second place with 386 points.

Dimitris Kyrsanidis

The native contestant claimed third place with 384 points. “I’m thus glad to be among the winners,” aforementioned Kyrsanidis. “It was extremely robust as a result of the amount gets higher annually and that i am grateful to possess completed my run as I’d hoped.“


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