Rolling Technique of parkour

parkour technique

Parkour technique


Used to assist in absorption and spreading out of impact upon landing.When used properly the roll can save your body from wear and tear suffered from making an attempt to soak up all the impact from a landing with the legs alone.

When dead properly the roll is performed painlessly on concrete at high speeds.The parkour technique delineated below is that the one that works for many individuals. There square measure many various was of rolling that job. a decent roll is one that permits you to roll on concrete painlessly and while not damaging yourself. therefore if you discover a unique methodology that works for you then that’s the proper one for you.


Find an area that has some grass to roll on. The grass permits you to roll while not pain yourself however at an equivalent time permits you to feel wherever you’d hurt yourself if rolling on concrete.

rolling parkourFor the needs of this clarification the roll are going to be done over the left shoulder. If you’re rolling over the proper shoulder then modification directions to suit.

Begin by presumptuous the stance shown within the image opposite. The leading foot ought to get on an equivalent facet because the shoulder you want to roll over. therefore during this case the left foot is facing forward, where as the proper foot is slightly to the proper and facing concerning a hundred and twenty degrees aloof from the direction you’re facing.

freerunning rollingFrom here crouch and place the hands as shown opposite. The hands go down in line with the proper foot as shown with the line. the proper hand facing forward and also the mitt placed behind, or anyplace within the blue circle, inform 90° from the direction you’re rolling in.
rolling1Note the arrows opposite. confirm to place house between your hands and left foot, swing your paw before of the left foot, not beside it, and keeping the left leg on the surface of the left arm. Some individuals let it sit within the arm. this could result on you kneel on your arm, which might be painful.

enable the forearm to lower to the bottom. this could stop a standard mistake individuals build, wherever they fall onto and hurt the shoulder. confirm to stay the left leg on the surface of the left arm as if you let it track inwards you run the chance of kneel on your forearm.
rolling2From here push with the left leg to allow yourself forward momentum. you may roll over the left arm and onto your shoulder. because the back of your shoulder makes contact with the bottom tuck your right heel to your backside. Roll diagonally across the rear, from left shoulder to right hip so onto your feet.Do not let your head hit the ground!

The left foot ought to build contact with the bottom initial. the proper foot ought to return up still tucked below the buttocks.From here you continue the motion till upright and are in a position use the momentum to require of running.

See the image opposite for wherever you must feel the bottom as you roll, and additionally the danger points wherever you must not roll. If you’re touching the points indicated then you wish to switch the roll to avoid them.

BE AWARE. once you begin to progress with this rattle down heights and with speed the technique can got to modification, you may got to land with feet nearer along and be additional labile and dynamic with the arms. the bulk of individuals got to learn this basic technique before they’ll move onto the additional advanced type. remember of your body as you progress and use caution.


When you begin to feel assured that your roll is nice enough to try on concrete then begin coaching it on there. you will get some bruises at the start as you iron out your technique, however if you’re consistent you may begin to master it.

Make sure to apply rolling over each shoulders.
As {you begin} to master the concrete start to apply jumping off low heights and rolling. As you improve off heights increasingly add speed into the equation also.

Practice rolling backwards and sideways also. You ne’er understand once you would possibly land at associate odd angle and want to be ready to save yourself with a roll instead of falling in a very heap.


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