Tic Tac parkour Technique

Tic Tac Technique of Parkour | freerunning | running technique

Parkour Running Technique


Parkour technique : Often accustomed gain height by jumping from one wall to a different, to clear objects and to permit fast redirection of momentum.


Approach the wall at a controlled pace on Associate in Nursing angle of roughly thirty – 60º, select a degree you wish to leap for and place your foot. the upper you the foot placement you select the additional carry and distance you may come through.
tic tac parkourit’ll take some experimentation to seek out the optimum foot placement height for your body and skill level. Too high and you may not get much carry, too low and you may not get abundant distance.

From here it’s necessary to propel yourself up with the start the wall.
parkour tic tac momentA common habit folks fall unto is that of redirecting themselves directly at their target. This will increase the impact/force you may hit with. Notice however the flight is lower within the image opposite.

attempt to not jump directly at the target, you would like to do and arc onto the target. abundant a similar as preciseness or Saut Delaware bras.

during this example the flight is higher as a result of the top is inform within the direction you want the body to travel and therefore the drive from the leg off the wall is stronger as there’s larger commitment to the movement.
parkour momentcheck that to purpose the chest and shoulder at the target you’re aiming for, this enables for a clean landing.

Another inclined fault is that of ‘spanning’. This involves the individual obtaining their hands on the other wall before their feet have even left the primary wall.

By giving yourself some carry together with your twitch Tac you permit for a more robust landing and longer to arrange and modify for the obstacle do you have to want it.


Train each side of the body, there ought to be no ‘bad side’. As you get additional assured attempt to push up the peak and distance of your twitch Tacs. follow on totally different surfaces. don’t isolate your coaching to merely‘nice’ surfaces. Learn to adapt to any or all varieties of surface.


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