What is parkour ? Difference and practice of parkour | Videos | Definition

What is parkour ? Difference and practice of parkour | Videos | Definition

What is Parkour?

You’ve seen it on TV shows, for example, American Ninja Warrior (and not all that genuinely in The Office) and additionally in motion pictures like Casino Royale and The Bourne Ultimatum. On the off chance that you’ve played Assassins Creed or Mirror’s Edge, you’ve even done it, for all intents and purposes, at any rate.

I’m discussingthat what is parkour and definition.


No doubt. That game where you bounce from structures and vault over dividers. Numerous men are attracted to parkour regardless of whether they’re not by any stretch of the imagination beyond any doubt what it is. It’s charming to see somebody travel through a domain in ways we had beforehand not imagined, and moving to witness the human body pushing the very furthest reaches of its abilities. Also, it just looks like so much fun and it appears like a critical aptitude to have amid the zombie end of the world when you’ll should be capable beaten a pack of horrible mind eaters (contingent upon your hypothesis of their bipedal abilities, obviously).

To take in more about parkour I went by the Tempest Freerunning Academy in Los Angeles to converse with parkour/freerunning educator, double, Ninja Warrior veteran, and epic handlebar mustache proprietor Brian Orosco .

What is Parkour?

Parkour is tied in with traveling through your condition productively and normally. Parkour practioners, who are regularly called traceuers (from the French for ‘to follow’), bounce, climb, and vault over hindrances in their way. They will likely get from indicate A point B as productively as could be expected under the circumstances.

The historical backdrop of parkour is in reality truly intriguing. It got its begin in France and has its foundations in military escape and avoidance strategies and nineteenth century physical culture. Truth be told, “parkour” starts from the French expression “parcours du combattant:” the obstruction course-based strategy for preparing utilized by the French military. So while we consider parkour today as just an intriguing type of amusement, it was really created as a strategic expertise and approach to assemble the wellness of warriors.

The Difference Between Parkour and Freerunning

parkour stop motion photo multiple steps of jump from walls

Parkour and freerunning get utilized reciprocally. While they share a great deal in like manner, there is a little contrast.

Parkour is just about moving through your condition proficiently utilizing bounces, swings, and vaults. No requirement for flips, divider turns, and different gymnastics. With freerunning, effectiveness is to a lesser extent a worry, and you can toss in these sorts of cool-looking aerobatic developments too.

So when you’re viewing YouTube recordings of individuals doing flips and twists off dividers, that is freerunning; in the event that they’re simply bouncing and vaulting over urban deterrents without tumbling, they’re doing parkour.

Why Practice Parkour?

man jumping over stair rail black white photo parkour

Parkour is enjoyable! In parkour, you essentially treat your general surroundings like a mammoth play area. It’s amusing to discover novel approaches to move through your condition, and, indeed, imagine you’re fleeing from ninja professional killers or potentially zombies. It bridles your internal identity that has for some time been torpid and simply needs to circled, investigate unbounded, and basically play once more.

Parkour is awesome exercise. Running, bouncing, climbing, swinging. Parkour is a full-body exercise that will at the same time enhance your body mindfulness and coordination.

Parkour is a test. Parkour will expect you to propel yourself physically and rationally. Beginning, you will most likely be unable to do certain moves, yet with time, you’ll pick up the quality and coordination you have to ace them. You’ll confront snags that you figure you would never surmount, however when you burrow profound inside yourself, you’ll see that you can push your body past what you saw as its point of confinement. To put it plainly, parkour can help initiate the primal switch of masculinity inside every one of us for a test. As you beat these difficulties you’ll pick up trust in yourself that will continue into different parts of your life.

parkour young men scaling walls

Parkour is an awesome method to make new companions. Parkour is a social game. It’s ordinarily done in gatherings, and the parkour group is well disposed and strong. It’s not focused; rather, the objective is to have a decent time and to enable each other to progress.

Parkour can help spare your life. We’re huge defenders of the possibility that each man ought to have the capacity to spare his own particular life should the conditions emerge. Parkour gives you the aptitudes and physical molding. We joke about zombies and escaping and sidestep in a urban domain, yet imagine a scenario in which the day comes when your life relies upon having the capacity to run, hop, and move over obstructions. Would you have the capacity to do it? Parkour can help. It’s especially helpful when you need to bounce from housetop to roof.

Parkour makes you more innovative. Parkour expects you to take a gander at your condition innovatively. Rather than interfacing and moving through the world as some engineer or city originator needed you to, you do it the way you need. Stairs? We needn’t bother with no stinkin’ stairs! Gracious, you need me to utilize this little passerby connect? I’ll simply hop over this hole and swing under this rail. Each fence, divider, or hole turns into a chance to attempt another move. This kind of liveliness and inventiveness can leak over to different aspects of your life, helping you find imaginative answers for issues at work or in your connections.

The most effective method to Get Started With Parkour

african american black man jumping over pommel horse parkour

Discover a parkour gathering. The most ideal approach to begin in parkour is to locate a neighborhood gathering and go to a parkour stick. Individuals in the game’s group are super inviting and strong of each other. You’ll get bits of knowledge from people who have been doing it for a little while, in addition to you’ll have somebody there to spot you on especially hard moves. What’s more, obviously, on the off chance that you take a terrible fall, you’ll have somebody who can take you to the healing facility. Most huge urban communities have parkour meet-ups; you can discover them on Meetup.com and the American Parkour discussions.

Another awesome method to begin is to join a parkour exercise center like the Tempest Freerunning Academy in case you’re sufficiently fortunate to have one in your general vicinity. These kinds of rec centers are entirely new, and there aren’t an excessive number of out there this moment, yet more will probably be springing up in the following quite a long while as the game keeps on developing in prominence.

Be protected. Try not to go out on a limb. You will probably have a decent time and propel yourself past your customary range of familiarity, yet without harming yourself. Your first inquiry before any development ought to be, “How might I do this without harming myself?” Make beyond any doubt to prepare with a gathering or an accomplice so they can spot you on requesting moves and call for help if necessary. Prior to any instructional meeting, check nature for any potential perils, as broken glass and so forth. To put it plainly, don’t be doltish.

Take it moderate. Know your points of confinement. Because everyone around you are doing insane flips and aerials from mammoth structures, doesn’t mean you need to. Try not to endeavor to do excessively too early. It will take for a moment for your body to adjust to the physical requests of parkour. Try not to proceed onward to more muddled moves until you’ve aced the nuts and bolts. On a related note, don’t get so presumptuous about your capacities that you don’t consider each move important. Pride goeth before the fall, and in parkour that fall can extremely sting.

Regard private property. Stick to doing parkour in broad daylight spaces like parks and city squares. Attempt to keep away from times with high person on foot activity. On the off chance that some person requests that you leave, respectfully say, “Beyond any doubt thing!” If the police stand up to you, be affable, clarify what you’re doing, and consent to solicitations to take it elsewhere. Parkour is another and new game in the U.S. Anything you can do to give it a decent name will help in making it more worthy.

Fundamental Parkour Moves



Adjusting is a fundamental ability to have in parkour. You’ll regularly be strolling and hopping on to little regions like rails and divider edges. You have to build up the muscle quality and coordination important so you don’t go tumbling to the ground. Work on adjusting by standing and strolling on rails. Consider taking up slacklining to help enhance your adjust.


With a specific end goal to effectively avoid zombies or different pernicious followers in a urban domain, you must run. Running in parkour requires both hazardous dashing and also perseverance. Preparing with parkour all the time will help condition you to the running required, however consider including 5K runs and windsprints to speed things along.

Bouncing and Dropping

Bouncing assumes a major part in parkour. Utilize bounces to beat tallness contrasts and to get crosswise over holes and over deterrents.

Accuracy bouncing

Accuracy bounces enable you to arrive on little zones, similar to the little surface over a divider or possibly a venturing stone amidst a waterway. Accuracy bounces require fixation, adjust, and a familiarity with your confinements.


Tic-tacs are kind of a mix of a divider climb and a bounce. This procedure enables you to get to places that are higher than you could with a hop. You’ve most likely observed tic-tacs in hand to hand fighting motion pictures or on American Ninja Warrior. It’s the place a man keeps running towards a divider at a point, puts a foot on the divider, and afterward pushes off from the divider with that foot to bounce to a more elevated amount. Tic-tacs are commonly utilized as a part of mix with another development.


A drop is a dynamic hop from a higher to bring down level. When you’re first beginning with parkour, abstain from dropping from anything higher than head-level. You have to ace landing (see underneath) and you have to condition your body to the pressure that originates from dropping from statures.


Knowing how to arrive securely and effectively in the wake of bouncing or dropping is a fundamental ability for parkour and freerunning. Landing effectively is the thing that enables you to quickly get up and continue moving to the following hindrance, and, all the more critically, not need to influence an outing to the crisis to room.

How you choose to land will rely upon a couple of components, specifically: 1) the tallness you’re arriving from, 2) the separation of your hop, 3) your arrival surface, and 4) your previous move.

Two-foot landing

Two-foot arrivals are more viable than one-foot arrivals at diminishing the measure of pressure your body encounters amid landing. So when you can, endeavor to arrive on two feet. When you arrive, you need your first contact with the ground to be with the chunks of the feet, bear width separated, knees over the tips of your toes.

You will probably arrive as “delicately” as would be prudent. To accomplish that delicate landing, twist your knees as you arrive — simply ensure they don’t twist more distant than 90 degrees. In case you’re hopping or dropping from an especially abnormal state or in case you’re arriving with a ton of forward energy, let your middle sink towards your legs, and place your hands on the ground so your arms can help assimilate a portion of the effect. Having your hands on the ground likewise sets you in a place to jump up and hurried to the following hindrance. This kind of landing takes hone, so prepare from bring down drops previously moving to anything higher.


Rolling is an indispensable landing expertise to have on the off chance that you need to keep away from wounds. Moving in the wake of landing spreads out the power of effect crosswise over more parts of your body, which diminishes your possibility of damage. You’ll normally need to drop to a move in the wake of landing in case you’re dropping from awesome statures or hopping on a level plane with incredible forward speed. At the point when performed effectively, a roll will enable you to land and pop appropriate move down with nary a scratch on you.

You need to move on your shoulder, corner to corner over your back, so you’re moving from one shoulder to the contrary hip. Tuck your head under your armpit as you go into the roll. Focus on adjusting your body and making yourself into a ball. Keep yourself tucked as your weight helps you through the roll and keep your knees bowed and your weight low as you ascend to your feet.


As you’re running, you will experience hindrances that are too high to bounce over. That is the place vaulting comes in. Vaulting is the point at which you put your hands on a question enable you to clear it. There are various types of vaults you can utilize contingent upon the snag you’re endeavoring to clear and your own inclination. Brian Orosco from Tempest Freerunning Academy indicated us five normal vaults utilized as a part of parkour and freerunning. You can see them in the Parkour video above. I’ve added connections to different parkour destinations that have well ordered photograph guidelines of the vaults also.

Step (wellbeing) vault. Step vault is the least demanding vault and establishes the framework for the rest. It’s regularly done when moving toward an impediment gradually.

Speed vault. As the name recommends, the speed vault is performed when running at full speed.

Languid Vault. This is a decent vault to utilize when you approach a hindrance at a point. You’ve most likely done this kind of vault without knowing it when you played as a child. At whatever point your body goes sideways finished the snag without your feet touching it and you have only one hand planted on the obstruction, you’re completing a speed vault.

Kong Vault. Kong vaults will influence you to appear as though you’re bouncing over squad cars like Caesar in Rise of the Planet of the Apes. This is a propelled vaulting method. Try not to attempt this until you’ve had some experience parkouring.

Dash Vault. The dash vault is similar to the Kong vault, aside from you jump feet first rather than head first.


Stairs are for chumps. Once in a while it’s simply more proficient to utilize an immediate course to get to a more elevated amount. That is the place climbing comes in. Take it moderate with climbing when you first begin with parkour. You’re not going to have any wellbeing saddles, so a tumble from an especially abnormal state can get you in the healing center or six feet under. General administer when moving in parkour is “don’t move higher than you can hop down.” Besides essential “stepping stool” style moving, there are some other climbing methods to know about.

Divider run


Source: Steven Erdmanczyk

Divider runs enable you to scale an extremely high divider, extremely quick. The divider run is a misleadingly complex development. It’s an unmistakable hindrance on American Ninja Warrior, however the one numerous contenders experience difficulty with. To effectively execute a divider run you need to run, hop, climb, and hang in one smooth movement – not as simple as it looks.

Feline jump

The feline jump is a mix of a bounce and a climb. You’ll utilize the feline jump when you need to traverse a hole, yet the arrival point is too high for you to arrive on your feet, so you need to dangle from your hands when you get to the opposite side. Once you’re dangling from the edge of the building or divider, pull yourself to security by bringing your knees into your chest and squeezing your toes into the side of the building. Drive your legs up by your toes and force your body up by your hands in the meantime. Truly push with those legs — they’ll have considerably more quality and power than your arms. At the point when your shoulders clear the highest point of the edge, move your hands with the goal that your palms are level against the surface of the edge, rectify your arms, and drive your body up. Lean forward with the goal that your focal point of gravity is on the security side, so you won’t fall in the event that you lose your adjust.


Swinging from a bar or tree is utilized habitually in parkour. You’ll regularly observe traceurs utilize swings to go through an impediment when there’s a hole between a rail and the ground.

Other than the fundamental underbar swing, you can get somewhat fancier with the winding underbar swing. Essentially, you grasp the bar in a way that makes you turn as you swing under the bar. Entirely cool.


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